Our Story

How Dizzy Dahlias Came to Be...

After abruptly moving home from college in the midst of a global pandemic, I turned to embroidery as my creative outlet. Throughout high school I sewed dresses and blankets for myself and friends and then one day, scrolling through Amazon, I stumbled upon an embroidery machine that was massively discounted. I had no idea how to embroider and absolutely no intention of starting a business but as I started to learn, I fell in love with the technique and the infinite creative possibilities I now had at my finger tips. For the first year I made myself a plethora of embroidered sweatshirts and tees to wear around my college campus which eventually turned into me making them for friends and family as well. After moving home from college for the summer I decided it was finally time to open up a shop. And well... here we are now! 

Working with Other Small Businesses

One of my main goals when creating Dizzy Dahlias was to remain as authentic and real as possible. For the first 4 months I handled every aspect of the business myself, including stitching out shirts 8-10 hours a day, 7 days a week. As my shop gained more attention, demand increased while the supply stayed the same and as I was starting my masters program in the fall, I couldn't keep up with the demand all by myself. Making the decision to outsource some of my products was a very big deal to me because I didn't want the quality of the stitching or product to decrease and it was also incredibly important to me to support another small business in the process. In came Arrow Embroidery, a wonderful small business an hour north of me who was able to provide high quality stitching with fast turnaround times. While Arrow does most of the stitching for my shop now, I do still hand write every note in your packages as well as wrapping them with care. I am so thankful to have found such a great small business to work with and to also be able to increase stock with every restock! 

Meet the Owner 

Ok so- Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm SO happy you're here. I could've never even dreamed that my business would get this much love and support and I am genuinely so grateful for each and every one of you! 

For those of you who may not know, I'm currently in college getting my masters degree in Curriculum & Instruction with my bachelors in Special Education. I absolutely love teaching and I am so blessed to be able to teach while also running my business! I'm originally from Orlando,FL (before you ask, yes, I do love Disney) but currently live in Tallahassee while I finish up my masters at Florida State. I graduated from high school in 2019 with my AA degree, thank you dual enrollment, and worked as a nanny throughout high school as well. I love all things rainbow, strawberries, and of course, Disney! 

Thank you so much for being here and supporting my small business because without YOU I wouldn't be able to live out my dream!